Professional user centred webdesign? Check. Original, fun illustrations? Check.

Hi. I'm Claire, a London-based web designer and illustrator. If you're looking for a professional web presence or unique illustrations for your project that set you apart from your competition, drop me a line - I'd love to help.

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Recent Work

  • Trick or Treat

    Trick or Treat

    Fineliner, Photoshop

  • Make a Wish

    Make a Wish

    Fineliner, Photoshop

  • Ode to an Egg

    Ode to an Egg

    Colerase pencil, Photoshop

  • Elvin Critter

    Elvin Critter


  • Ratified



  • Sweets From a Baby

    Sweets From a Baby

    Colerase pencil, Photoshop

  • Paradise Island

    Paradise Island

    Colerase pencil, Photoshop

  • Mini Monster

    Mini Monster

    Pencil, Photoshop

  • A Fly in The Ointment

    A Fly in The Ointment

    Adobe Illustrator

  • I Lost My Head

    I Lost My Head

    Adobe Flash

  • Skiing Hazard

    Skiing Hazard

    Adobe Flash

  • Bonfire Night

    Bonfire Night

    Adobe Flash

  • I’m Sure I Buried It Here

    I’m Sure I Buried It Here

    Adobe Flash

  • Gone on Holiday

    Gone on Holiday

    Adobe Flash

  • Sunnier Climes

    Sunnier Climes

    Adobe Flash

Madaunt's Blog

Madaunt's Blog

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